Starting from this moment we are officially in celebration!
Giveaway on our Discord channel has started! Prize: BEST SET of Choice, Winner count: 3!!! Giveaway will last 24 hours! Giveaway has finished. 
From this moment all GM Event Prizes are double! Double prizes are finished, but they still amazing!!
All-day-long H&S Event from NoLimitBM will start as scheluded at 12:00 Server Time and will last until 18:00 or 19:00(it will be announced in game). Finished
We also have FORUM EVENT in which everyone can participate to win nice prizes! Finished

Thank you all for your support, votes, invites, donations and overall everything! Good days or bad days - every day was in between Day 1 & Day 365 and every day counts! We will continue to work to provide best support and interesting gameplay. We want to see 600+ online on our next anniversary! 


2022-04-03 00:01

Anniversary is comming! 3 April!

Hello people of NOLIMIT!
We are very happy to see you here! As you might have noticed in right side of website - 365 days of online is comming!!!! 
Our anniversary is on 3 April, 2022. We will be officially 1 Year Old with current version. 
I want to use the moment to say - THANK YOU ALL! You guys are amazing - server is mostly friendly, newbies always get party in first 5 minutes, events are full of people and you are never shy of a photo session in some tight spaces! We had our UPs and DOWNs in the last year, we have been through 2 growing phases (currently we are in 2nd one). On first day of server we reached 100 online and it felt like - thats it, this is what it can do. But no - you guys have shown your LOVE and LOYALTY to NoLimit MuOnline, and together we have managed to grow community with more then 700 active online players over 24 hours - each and every day! We have AMAZING team of GameMasters, Event Master and Administrators - they never reject a problem that needs solving - they always answer any questions and YES, they sometimes ban bad people. Life is life. 
Okay, to the point. What is going to happen on 3 April?
1. GIVEAWAY in our Discord channel. 
Everyone in discord channel WITH PLAYER ROLE will be able to participate in giveaway. We will give away 3 Best Sets (HP or REF Version) for FREE!
2. All-Day-Long Hide and Seek event by NoLimitBM. Details here (CLICK ME!). Prizes will be to EVERYONE and super-boosted-uber prizes will be for TOP20!
3. Weekly POINTS EVENT will be paused for the day. Instead Event Master Gabyas will be busy with making events for you guys with instant prizes (Before 12:00 and after 18:00)
4. Sadly, Weekly PVP event will be canceled for this weekend. Can't move it to Saturday - Saturday we got Auction on that week.
5. There will be event on forum - it will be announced in comming days. No drawing and no player-votes will be included in this event. We checked - that doesn't work.
Any events by GMs will be made with DOUBLE PRIZES. What does it mean? Well if GM tells you guys that he is ready to drop 64 GM Gift boxes for drop evet - that means GM will drop 128 Boxes. 
Total prize value of this day(not including Gold, Seeds value, Sign of Lord value(NO-NOT FOR SALE)) is 1800 Euro! 
All we ask from you is - stay active, loyal, vote for us every 12/24h and invite friends! 

2022-02-27 22:35

Looking for reinforcements!

Hello people of NOLIMIT!
I hope you all are doing well! 
Since our server is starting another growing phase - we are looking for new Game Masters! At this moment we need:
1. Spanish - English speaking Game Master,
2. Filipino - English speaking Game Master.
As a Game Master you will have to follow order in game - make sure people are friendly (as much as possible), make sure everyone are following the rules, help players with basic game and server knowlage. We don't care if you don't have any previous expierience - we will teach you all you need to know. However - you have to know how to use Forum(including Search function), you have to have skype and discord and you will need PayPal account. We are also asking you to be part of this community for minimum 2 weeks, have character with 500 resets (it can be 9 GR and 51 RR or any combination that proves that you have been online and have gone through game process, at least at basic level). 
GM Application template can be found in Forum. Please read ALL topic about it, send your application to e-mail which is available in the topic. For now you can ignore 3 month minimum requirement.
New HP Bonus system is activated in server. You can read about it here (CLICK ME!)
We have also added new Achievements on Website - from now on you can get FREE DONATE SET from Achievements system in website. More info (CLICK ME!)  
Free VIP event on forum is still ongoing - get up to 10 days Platinum VIP for free! More info (CLICK ME!
Weekly PVP event is active and ongoing for both DONATE and NON DONATE players! More info (CLICK ME!)

2022-01-11 03:46

Weekly POINTS Event

Hello people of NOLIMIT!
Let me introduce our new Event Master - Gabyas.
Starting 6 September 2021, he will host 10 to 15 daily events for Points.
Event list:
Question&Answer (Geography, Chemistry, Biology,World History,Mythology,Sports,Movies, etc.) 
Hide and seek
Bring me
Other events by suggestions
The Prize is 1 Point per round.
Each event will have 3 Rounds and only 3 winners.
One account can win only one of event rounds.
For example, if you win Hide and Seek event, then one round No.2 you can't win any more, however you can keep looking for GM in round No.2 if it keeps you entertained. You can win again in next chunk of events.
During the event, please, stop spam in POST chat and follow Gabyas instructions.
What will happen at the end of the week?
TOP3 players by points will get free Donate items. TOP4 - TOP10 also will be rewarded!

TOP1 - HP/EDRI/REF item of choice,

TOP2 - HP/EDRI item of choice,

TOP3 - EDRI/Full Fire item of choice,

TOP4 - 10 GM Boxes + 255 SOL,
TOP5 - 8 GM Boxes + 220 SOL,

TOP6 - 6 GM Boxes + 180 SOL,
TOP7 - 3 GM Boxes + 100 SOL,
TOP8 - 1 GM Box + 100 SOL,
TOP9 - 100 SOL,
TOP10 - 50 SOL.

Rewards will be added to winning accounts until Tuesday of following week. 
Event Master - Gabyas - will keep the track of points.
Weekly points event is from Monday 12:00 AM Server Time to Sunday 11:59 PM Server time

2021-09-02 18:50

Payment system update!

Hello people of NOLIMIT!


There has been several changes regarding Payment Systems and Donations. We are giving more!

1. In PayPal payment system we are now giving 300%. Old price was 1 Euro = 1000 Gold, new price is 1 Euro = 3000 Gold!!
2. In Fortumo payment system we are now giving 500%. Old price was 1 Euro = 500 Gold, new price is 1 Euro = 2500 Gold + 500 Gold for each 7500 Gold purchased!!!

I hope you all will enjoy this positive change! Change was made to make donations more affordable. We currently support 29 countries in Fortumo(SMS) and worldwide payments via PayPal and Western Union. If you have questions regarding donate options for complete items - contact any Game Master or Administrator.

To celebrate our new online record - 510 online players - we have LOWERED THE PRICE OF VIP(Platinum) STATUS! Price has been lowered by almost 50%!!! Get 5 days starting from 10 euro

2021-08-27 02:55

Updates and changes!

Hello people of NOLIMIT!


Today I want to let you know about small things we have made for you in past days.
There are several small updates done, here is most important ones:

1. Changed Ancient drop rate in LoT,
2. Added 6 spots for ancient item looting in LoT,
3. Added NPC Golden Archer in Devias (226 65). You can offer this NPC full inventory of few items to get rewards. List of them here.
4. Online lottery now is active 4 times a day in Noria! Info about Online lottery here.
5. Object limit in GameServer is increased, which means new spots in near future.
6. Potion Delay added in Castle Siege to avoid unfair players and unfair advantage of those with lower ping (lives closer to server).
7. Vote Reward system is upgraded even more! Now Top 1 - Top 10 all get Sign of Lord prizes each week, also the Donate Item is added to Top 3 voters each week. 

Also we have reached new online record, which is 430+ players! 24h active players now are OVER 700!!! 
But we won't stop there - invite your friends, help newbies and see you online!

Don't forget to join our forum and vote for us every day to get rewards! 

2021-06-14 17:05

POST language!

Hello people of NOLIMIT!


Today I want to talk to you about post language!
Recently we had some problems with people disrespecting others and talking between them selves (2 people) in global POST chat on their language. I want to remind you all - you can use PM, Guild Chat, Party chat, but don't POST in other language then English. This is international server, we don't have only Russian/only Tagalog/only Spanish/only Latvian people. POST is for everyone to undertstand - you can sell your stuff in POST, you can look for Party in POST, you can offer or ask for HELP in POST, but don't POST about your thoughts of life in your language. If players or GMs are requesting to keep POST in English, then that is what we do. To keep order in server we try to avoid bans and disconnects, but if you leave us no choice - decisions will be made. 
I am 100% sure we can avoid that and live in friendly community.

We have all kinds of guilds and parties where you can speak any language you like, we have PM. 
Respect others.

Also I want to remind you all - read the Rules carefully - don't post bad jokes, don't provoke, we don't want to see bad or disrespectful attitude towards other players. Harmful statements about server also will not be forgiven.
Think what you post. Internet is not anonymous. 

Thank you!

2021-05-27 21:05

Sign of Lord update!

Hello people of NOLIMIT!


We have made some changes in our Website! Few interesting options to keep our game market alive and active!


1. Sign of Lord now can be stored on Website using Deposit system.
2. Auctions in Website now use currency Sign of Lord - You can sell your seeds or good items for SoL there.
3. You can use Deposit system to split SoL packs. Just deposit (example) 255 SoL to website and withdraw (example) 50 and 25 SOL, you will get 2 packs of 50 and 25 SoL. 
4. Cash(VIP currency) now can be used in Currency Convert. Each Cash will gain you 5 Sign of Lord. To earn Cash you need to make Grand Resets as a VIP player. 
5. VIP for free can be won in Top Voter - Vote Reward TOP4 Voters get free VIP Status. If we will have good competition there - rewards will be increased to Top6 / Top10.
6. Sign of Lord DROP CHANGES:
6.1 Sign of Lord drop rate in Blood Castle 8 / Devil Square 7 = 4000
6.2 Sign of Lord drop rate in ATLANS 1-2-3 = 2500
6.3 Sign of Lord drop rate in other maps = 1500

New online records!

We are reaching new online records! Events are HUGE, players are mostly friendly and many are offering partyies for newbies, nice to see that! Please make sure to vote for us every 12/24 hours to earn nice rewards from Vote Reward system - TOP1 and TOP2 Voters of each week get exclusive Donate items for free!

 New spots!

I have added 36 new spots because server is growing at good rate. 
Spots are added in Dungeon 2, Dungeon 3, Tarkan 2 and Kanturu 2

2021-05-09 18:15

Vote reward system + New spots

Hello people of NOLIMIT!


We have made an exciting update for you all! Vote Reward system now gives even more rewards! 
From now on we will reward TOP10 voters EACH WEEK! TOP1 Voter will get 4(!!!) Rewards, including Full Fire new type weapon and Free Platinum VIP! 

Please share your ideas about item prizes for Vote Reward on forum! Top1 Reward item will change every week to keep it interesting for you! 


More details here: Vote Reward.


We also have added new spots in some maps. 

Update 25.04 - New Spots

Kanturu1 - 4 new spots
Raklion - 11 new spots
Atlans2 - 2 new spots
Icarus - 15 new spots

Update 27.04 - New Spots

Atlans3 - 15 new spots
Aida 2 - 16 new spots
Losttower 6 - 8 new spots


2021-04-27 18:00

Vote reward and achievements + Balancing PvP

Hello people of NOLIMIT!

It's nice to see 200+ online almost all day long! But there are some things we all can do to improve online numbers even more!
That is why following changes are made:


Vote reward vote-check enabled

From today we have enabled real-vote check for Vote Reward sites. If you will vote for server from different accounts with same IP address - votes will not count. It's not done to limit your Gold income - it's done to benefit the server and all of our players! More you vote - higher in topsites we will be - more new players (FRESH BLOOD) will come! :)
Some topsites send their responses to our server about players votes once an hour - this means that vote and reward might not add right away. Anyhow, there will be information on Vote Reward page what is current state of this vote(Waiting, Voted, IP already voted on other account)
Also changes will be made regarding TOP Voter rewarding. It will be changed to weekly rewarding cycle to increase the prizes given by real votes. This change will be made on Sunday(11.04)

Achievements UPDATE

We have modiffied Achievements to motivate you vote! There are 1 changed and 2 new achievements. 

Vote 500 times - after finishing this achievement you can claim 3 Seed Spheres (Level 5) of choice.
Vote 800 times - after finishing this achievement you can claim 5 Seed Spheres (Level 5) of choice.
Vote 1500 times - after finishing this achievement you can claim Exclusive FO Socket weapon with 5 sockets of choice! YES, ALLOWED SAME SOCKETS. Note - only weapon sockets - not allowed set item sockets on weapon. 

To claim your prize for Votes - please contact NoLimitBM/Clyde/Fernando in Facebook or Discord. 


Balancing of PvP

Tonight we will do some PvP balancing in server. To join PvP balancing "party" - join our Discord channel! Everyone who will join balancing with their main characters will get set for this purpose. Balancing will be done with Season 4 sets. Please note - we will not do "favorite class" and we will not listen to "BM NEED TO BE BEST" or "MG IS FOR PVP". 


What more can you do to help server?
Like and Share our Facebook page!
Join our Discord channel to get informed about events comming up!
Share our link to facebook MuOnline groups
Only with hard work we can make this the best Season 4 server out there!

2021-04-08 17:34