By accessing or using www.nolimit.lv all registered users must agree with every point of these rules. Disagreement with at least one paragraph of these rules, prohibits the use of the site and forum, and live in the world of Mu Online. Please treat other members with respect. Following the rules helps to create a fun and fair environment for everyone. Everyone must agree to the rules - no exceptions!

1. Gameplay and general rules

 1.1. It is not allowed to play accounts for commercial purposes. It is not allowed to sell, buy, trade or offer accounts in exchange for any other benefit. It is not allowed to exchange any game values for outside benefits such as money, vouchers, other server values etc. If you see or know about players doing RMT and you do not report it to administration - your account also can be blocked. 
Punishment: Permanent restriction to server and account for seller and/or the buyer(if any).

 1.2. It is not allowed to use 3rd party software (except PingZapper) to alter the gameplay. Each player is required to report serious errors immediately to the NoLimit Administration. A player is not allowed to knowingly take advantage of bugs. If you notice that a player is abusing a bug in the game you must report him. If you notice a spelling error or typo, you are not obligated to report it, however you are encouraged to do so for the improvement of the game. Any kind of macro / automated keyboard / mouse binds for combo / etc is CHEATS. Gaining any kind of advantage in any way (Special mouses/keyboards with re-arranged buttons, connecting 2 keyboards and other) is punishable. Rule 1.2 general information.
Punishment: Permanent restriction to server and account.

 1.2.1 It's stirctly prohibited to abuse any in game features or commands in the way that they are not ment to be used.
Few examples of this violation are:

1. Making GuildWars and leaving afk in different spots to prevent characters from being killed (because they are in Guild War and only opposing guild can kill).
2. Using "/pvp3" command on in-game Alt+Number macro to teleport your characters to specific location where they are killed by other player to artificially rise "Kills score" to someone.
3. Use "Switch Character" option from game menu to prevent respawn in respawning zone.
4. Any other abuse of ingame feature, it is impossible to list every possible situation

Punishment: Depending on violation and situation punishments for these and similar violations can be from Kills deletion to permanent restriction to server and account. 

 1.3. It is not allowed to fool Administration: giving false evidence, providing fabricated evidence or misleading administration in any way. It is not allowed to impersonate Administration. 
Punishment: From 7 days character suspension to permanent restriction to server and account.

 1.4. It is not allowed to have disrespectful attitude to the server staff, on the forum or in the game or social media. Threats against the server staff, on any platform, will lead to the punishment.
Punishment: Permanent restriction to server and account.

1.5. It is not allowed to interfere with a Game Master during the events.
Punishment: From 1 hour to 1 day character suspension. An alternative punishment - PK status increase and a teleport to any of locations.

1.5.1. Some events has special Rules and Limitations. Specifical item limitations are listed here, however you MUST always follow GameMaster instructions in time of any in-game GM or automated event. 

1. Maximal allowed Damage Reflection from Socket options in PVP Events and Castle Siege event is 90%.
2. In time of Castle Siege or PVP Events players are not allowed to store in their inventory any items, that being weared in combination with other items in inventory, can surpass any of item limitations for event. For example, if player already has 60% damage reduction from sockets, player is not allowed to store in their inventory any more items that has Damage Reduction seeds in them. If a player already has 2 Full Reflect items (90% total) in inventory, then player is not allowed to store in inventory any more Reflect option items. 
3. Player must display his items by request from a member of administration in any requested time and follow any instruction given by Game Master or Administrator. 

1.6. It is not allowed to humiliate other players. An administrator will suspend your account in case of insults, mockery, bad jokes, bad attitude, provoking or any kind of related behaviour. It is not allowed to offend any of player's relatives or family members. Jokes about selling or buying items/characters/virtual currencies for real money will not be tolerated and will lead to immidiate punishment. Rude, offensive character names are not allowed. Pushing/Teleporting in any way players away from the spots is prohibited. 
Punishment: From 1 to 7 days chat ban to 7 days character or permanent account suspension. In case of pushing/teleporting all related accounts will be permanently banned.

1.7. It is not allowed to make statements about leaving the game or other harmful statements, that can leave a bad effect on the server. It is not allowed to unjustifiably criticise Administration actions, in order to discredit the gaming portal, rather than improving its quality.
Punishment: Permanent restriction to server and account.

1.8. It is not allowed to advertise any kind of other game projects.
Punishment: Permanent restriction to server and account.

1.9.* Players are not allowed to stack more than 60% of damage reduction! ( if you have lvl 5 reduce sockets (8% x5 for every set piece = 40% + shield with DDI 7% = 47% wich should be fine if you are not using any other full reduce items wich are 20% thus 47%+20% = 67% wich is forbidden)) While combo sets have (4%x5x3 = 60% , thus you cannot use shields with DDI7% or any other reduce items like full reduce sword!).
Punishment: Item removal / character or account block

1.10 It is not allowed to sell or trade pieces of Full Fire/Combo/Special sets! 
Punishment: Item removal / character or account block

1.10.1 It's not allowed to move Donate Items/Sets from originally donated character to other character under no circumstances, not even if new character is in the same account. Donate Items and Sets are registered on one character, which is then added to Donate Registry. The only way to "move" Donate Items to other Character and/or Account is via Auction Event in Devias Church, which is happening every 2 weeks. Website Auction is not ment to be used to sell/buy/trade Donate Items. Rule 1.10.1 general information
Punishment: Item removal / character or account block

1.11 Devias2 is an non-donate PvP zone. Players with donated Full Fire, Full Reduce, Full Ref or Full HP items is not allowed to fight there. 
Punishment: Warning, Character ban 1 - 14 days

1.12 It's not allowed to mass kill players in spots of any map. However, this is a PvP server and fighting for spot / best spot is allowed. Game Master will determent what is mass killing by information he has got from reports. Rule 1.12 general information.
Punishment: 3 / 7 / 30 days to premanent character or account block. All user accounts(and related) might be blocked, if user doesn't improve his attitude after multiple punishments.

1.13 No player is allowed to use more then 3 accounts at the same time. Any kind of Freebie abuse(Vote Reward, Event, etc.) will result in immidiate and permanent ban of all accounts. This also means that no player is allowed to participate in any in-game event like Blood Castle, Devil Square, Illution temple, Crywolf(except if there is no elfs and you have one on your alt account), King of MU and other with more then 1 account. "Big Boss" mob kill party abuse(kill in party with your alt accounts, moving all rewards from party to main account (and similar)) will result in a permanent ban. 
Punishment: Alt account permanent restriction to server and account or all accounts permanent restriction to server.

1.13.1 Registration of more then 1 account and 1 guild from 1 person for Castle Siege event or any other kind of abuse of registration or guild selection systems for Castle Siege war will result in permanent ban of all users accounts and all related, involved accounts. Administration does not have to proof your intentions or your ownership of account(s) and guild(s) in case of violation of this section of Terms of Service. Detection methods of multi-accounts are based on system data, which is not available for users reviews. 
Punishment: Alt account permanent restriction to server and account or all accounts permanent restriction to server.

1.14 It's prohibited to disturb Castle Siege event. If your character is not in Guild or you characters Guild is not registered for Castle Siege event then you should not be in Valley of Loren map in time of Castle Siege event. 
Punishment: 7 days to premanent character or account block. All user accounts(and related) might be blocked, if user doesn't improve his attitude after multiple punishments.

1.15 It's prohibited to go into PVP zones in Lorencia(Circle, Lorencia Bank(1)) with level under 7. We understand that not all people who enter PVP zone with low level do it with bad intentions, however that does not mean that you can talk yourself out of punishment. 
Punishment: Teleportation to different location, 1 - 7 days character ban, permanent restriction to server and account. All user accounts(and related) might be blocked, if user doesn't improve his attitude after multiple punishments.

1.16 Every player is responsible for his account and its security. We recommend NOT to use same username and password in other games/servers as here. We take no responsibility for losses caused because of account sharing or because of usage of simple, common passwords
Punishment: Any consequences caused.

1.16.1 It's prohibited to share any accounts or Characters (via Character Market) which are involved in any way with Donations and Donate Registry. If Character has at least 1 donation towards Donate Items/Second hand weapon equip then this character is not allowed to be posted in Character Market. Therefore, account containing this character is not allowed to be shared. Any sharing of Donate Character or Donate account will be considered as RMT and will lead to immediate and irreversible punishment as mentioned in Rule 1.1. Removal of Donate Items from character does not mean that it is sellable. 
Punishment: Permanent restriction to server and account for seller and/or the buyer(if any).

1.17* VIP Players have available "/offpvp" command to secure them from being killed during AFK, so valuable VIP time does not go to waste, however there are certain aspects which always needs to be followed while using this VIP advantage.

1.17.1 While using command "/offpvp" in VIP spots (Atlans1, Devias3, Dungeon2, Elbeland3) VIP user also has to use command "/re auto" to ensure that other VIP players can join their party and use VIP advantages. "/re off" command can be used in cases if party is already full (consists of 5 characters total) before person leaves for AFK. "/re auto" command is not required in other high-level spots (Stadium, Atlans2, Tarkan and similar maps and zones).
1.17.2 While using command "/offpvp" VIP players are not allowed to "annoy" or "mess" with other people in PVP Zones (Lorencia Ring, Aida1, Lorencia Warehouse1 Zone). 
1.17.3 Using command "/offpvp" to commit Killing-Steal (a.k.a. KS) is prohibited. If a person will abuse VIP benefits, their VIP status can and will be removed without any possibilies of refund, as mentioned in Terms of Service paragraph 4. "Donation policies".
1.17.4 Abuse of "/offpvp" command in any way, which is not mentioned here, with intention to harm other players experience in our Game Server will cause VIP Status removed. 



2. Administration and project.


2.1. Administration will not require user's password or game items.
If you’re being asked to give your game items or password - this is not an administrator. Administration do not want your game items or password. Administration does not return any missing characters or game items. We do not change your account passwords, we do not make rollbacks in case if you are robbed or allegedly robbed. It is your responsibility to protect your property and characters. Beware of scams!

 2.2. Administration will never intimidate or threaten you.
Administration will never threaten players with a ban or other actions. If you have broken the rules, we will punish you with an according punishment. If you haven’t break any of particular rules, however you were close to it, Administration can warn you to behave within the rules. To give only a warning, noway to threat you. If someone threats you with a ban or with something else, most likely it is a scammer!

 2.3. Administration reserves rights to:
Ban temporarily or permanently, any user account without any notice, refund or compensation, if we are of opinion that it is necessary. Furthermore, we reserve rights to remove all the player accounts, characters and their game items, if we are of opinion that it is necessary.

 2.4. Administration may shut down, reboot or modify the server without any notice.
Administration is doing everything what's in their power to keep the server running. However, to improve and modify our server, it can sometimes require reboot or temporary shutdown. Nevertheless, we will inform you about planned maintenances on the website or forum.

 2.5. Game project’s performance warranty.
Our game project is free and demonstrative. Administration does not guarantee full functionality of certain aspects of the game, and also does not guarantee their corrections. As well, Administration do not guarantee to return player items or any other gaming values, which were lost due to technical problems.

 2.6. Administration decisions.
Any decision made by the Administration is fair and competent, it’s out of the question.



3. Final provisions


3.1. Administration reserves rights to change the server regulations, without warning users, at any time if it’s necessary. New rules shall come into force from the moment of their publication on the website. In case if rules are changed, players should take responsibility to read and accept them.

3.2. Every player should accept the responsibility to regularly check the information published on our game portal, to stay in touch with the possible changes. If the player continuous using our services, it will be considered as player's acceptance of such changes.

3.3. Each player is required to report all the offenders and violations, all the serious errors and bugs immediately to the NoLimit Administration in the appropriate section on the forum.

3.4. If the player cannot accept any changes and/or additions, he should immediately stop using the service.


4. Donation policies


4.1. Donation is never forced on player and any donation is voluntary.

4.2. Donations are non-refundable.

4.3. Donation items and goods are virtual and can't be used in real life.

4.4. If player has been banned for violation of any rule - goods or services will not be transfered to other character/account.

4.5. Donation goods price list is available on forum. No "free extras" or "favours" are available after donation. Price list here: Forum.

4.6. Using someones elses Credit or Debit card / PayPal account / details is a criminal offense.

4.7. If you don't agree with donation policies or any information posted in Rules(Terms of Service) - don't donate

4.8. Donations doesn't guarantee that you will become most powerful player or that you will be unkillable. Other people donate too, they have the same or better items. There are no performance guarantees


Additional information.

Please, keep in mind that each situation is more or less unique and Administration has the right not to give minimal penalty for Rules violations. 
We value our donating players, but it doesn't make them immune to Rules or "better then others". All players are threated equally and no special conditions are applied. 
Administration also has the right to block your character / account / HWID / IP address if Administration see it as necessary without warnings. 
Excuses like "I didn't know", "No one reads rules before registration" and similar will not save you from punishment. 
Keep in mind, you most likely will get blocked after FIRST offence, there is no such situation as "I promise I will not do it again" or "Please WARNING this time". You can not create account without agreeing to Rules and you are not allowed to use our game service if you don't agree with each and every one of Rules.
If for a second you have doubt about your idea of doing something being legal and allowed - listen to your doubt over your will to try something new. If you doubt it even for a second - most likely it's not legal and will lead to punishment. 

VPN(hide IP) disclaimer: Your IP address is your identity online. If you choose to use different identity(VPN/GPN), which can be used by anyone online - you face the consequences. You can always make sure that your online identity is safe by using verified VPN services which provide you with Unique IP which is not shared. Same in real life - if you give your passport to some criminal - criminal record will be on you if he will use your identity to commit a crime. You will be responsible for it. Internet is not that different. Make sure your identity is safe always, both in internet and in real life. 

Server has Chat logs - everything you say online is saved. Chat logs are checked daily for cheat/spam/toxicity prevention. Anything you say in game is considered as true unless you state that it is a joke RIGHT AFTER saying it. 

Terms used in TOS:
RMT - Real Money Trade
DDI - Damage Decrease Increasement (Yellow option added by Jewel of Harmony)
Donate items - Any items with equal stacked socket options, for example multiple options Fire(Increase Attack/Wizardy +35). 
Donate player - Any player which is wearing at least one Donate item on his character at the time.